First Steps

First off thank you very much for your purchase of WPHorde, or your looking into WPHorde.

To start off your learning path I think the best option is setting up your blogs in WPHorde.

This is for Self Hosted WordPress Blogs. If you have connectivity issues please watch this training section:

The next thing I would suggest is to integrate with Unsplash:

Now Time to integrate with OpenAI, Your OpenAI account is not the same as a ChatGPT account. You need to have a funded OpenAI account for the integration between WPHorde and OpenAI to work properly. Go Here to signup and add a payment form for OpenAI:

Great now that you have the basics completed, and it didn’t take long. If you like WordAI and want to setup the integration with it, after you get your own WordAI account here. follow this video:

Now That you have all possible integrations setup, you are most likely wanting to setup the automatic blog posting, which we have two way to do that, the first is right now the most popular, AI Content Generators:

The next for is Content Creation from RSS Feeds for WPHorde:

That should get content to your blog going everyday, or with RSS when new content is posted on that RSS feed.

There are more videos to look through, and the search function on the right hand side may help you as well.

Thank you once again!

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